Medical Staffing

Temp-to-perm staffing services are often combined with temporarily staffing.

A temp-to-perm staffing service offers clients a chance to try out a worker on a temporary basis and to hire that worker later if the client wishes to do so.

We will staff a person on a 6 month probation contract and if the person does not work out then we will replace that person free of charge. We offer a drug screen Background check we make sure that there licensed and certified and they are CPR certified and everything is up to date.

Job Placement Application

Rewarding Jobs In The Medical Field

Pre-Screened Employees

We also provide pre-tested pre-screened employees clients get employees who are ready to work. Our goal is to reduce turnover, replacing permanent employees is expensive. All companies want to reduce turnover and its associated costs.

Temporary help services activity will be reported under a separate NAICS code (56132) from employee leasing services (56133) they were combined in the old SIC program.


On Point offers timely and reliable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for the elderly or anyone who requires a wheelchair or assistance walking.  We will safely transport you to and from any of your scheduled appointments with complete assistance.


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